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April 9, 2013
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BigBrother!Norway x Little!Reader

Warning: Human names used.......and the rest ........I have no clue.......

3rd pov

It was just a regular day in the Nordic household. A loud puffin, a loud certain Dane, choking, invisible troll and the other usual. It was only seven in the morning, and everyone was already chatting at the dining table, except for young (Name).

“Hoy~!!! Norge!!! My capital is this big~!!!” The Dane emphasized the length by stretching his fingers out, with a gap over twelve inches long. All the other Nordics soon became disgusted with what the eldest brother said.

“A-ah, M-mathias. Your, um, capital can’t be that big....” Tino, being as sweet and ‘innocent’ as he was, pointed out with an embarrassed blush on his face. Berwald just nodded in agreement, his face hiding most, but not all, of his disgust. Iceland had to cover his whole face with Mr.Puffin to hide his bright red face. As for Lukas, he was already behind the Dane with a menacing air around him. With a single swipe of his hand, Lukas had begun his daily choking on the Dane, his face a void of emotion as usual.

“ACK!!! W-what w-was that f-GAH!!!”

“Idiot. Don’t talk about that stuff when we have a child in the house. Plus, your capital is this big.” Lukas had brought his other hand close to the one holding the tie, and had a gap of less than 5 inches.

Little did everyone know, that said child was standing right behind the entrance of the dining room. (Name), being the little innocent girl she was, did the most sensible thing that any six year old would have done.

“Storebror....What does Matty mean by ‘big capital’?” Everyone stiffened at the familiar cute voice of (Name), and turned their heads to she a small girl in (f/c) pajamas with bright (e/c) eyes and messy (h/c), holding a pink bunny in her arms.

All the Nordics turned slowly, almost robotically, to face the girl. Berwald’s face was hardened into a glare, Tino’s was one of horror, as well as Emil, and Mathias was too busy choking on his own saliva. The most interesting reaction of all the Nordics was Lukas’s. His eyes were shadowed by his fringe of blonde hair, his grip tight on the Dane’s tie. An aura even more creepier than Ivan’s was currently filling the room up, but (Name) was too oblivious to notice.

“(Name)....Please wait for a moment.” With that said, Lukas had dragged the Dane by the collar and out into the backyard, but not before grabbing a mace hanging on the wall with him.

The rest of the Nordics were still staring at (Name), unsure what to say to the curious new country. The (h/c) girl was still standing in front of them, who was waiting patiently for an answer to her question. Thinking that it was pointless to ask the other men, she asked the only thing that she thought was reliable. Walking up to Emil, who now had Mr. Puffin on his head, she motioned him to go done more to her level. The poor Icelandic was beginning to freak out on what to tell (Name) without giving too much.... inappropriate information. However, what (Name) did next was a shock to all three of the men.

“Mr.Puffin? Do you get what Denny and storebror meant by ‘Big Capital?”

“First call me cute!!!” Mr.Puffin seemed to be unaware of the situation that he was in, but the three Nordics were beginning to freak out.

“Okay~! You’re cute Mr.Puffin~!” By then, the Nordics had a face of utter horror and panic...except for the stoic Swedish man, who had mentally panicked.

~With Lukas and the Perverted Dane~

“Idiot. Now look what happened. (Name) won’t stop bothering us about it and she’ll probably be scarred for life if we told her the truth.” Lukas was still holding Mathias by his tie with one hand, and in the other was the mace. Mathias face was all bruised and bloodied by the mace, and if one were to see him at first sight, they would have screamed.

“L-lukas!!! H-how was I supposed to kn-ACK!!!” The Norwegian man just tightened his grip on the tie even more and was about to whack Mathias with the mace. However, weird yells and noises were coming from the house, making both the men look over with mild confusion in their eyes.



“......(Name) do y’u w’nt to g’ to th’ p’rk?.....”

“...What’s going on now?...” Lukas had let go of Mathias, making the said man fall to the ground with a painful thud.

“ OWWWW!!! Lukas! Could you have at least put me down so-GAH!!!” As a way to stop the Dane from whining, Lukas promptly tossed the mace behind him, making it hit Mathias accurately on the stomach.

~Back with (Name)~

(Name’s) pov

Mr. Puffin was just about to answer my question, when my other brother began acting all weird. Emil had grabbed Mr.Puffins mouth and began talking to loud for me to comprehend. Tino began asking me questions at the same time, making it even harder to hear what they were both saying, and Berwald’s accent was too thick for me to understand and hear.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ That was the only thing I could think of as I watched them spew nonsense.

“What in the world is going on in here?” Storebror had just rushed in the from the backyard door without Denny in sight.

3rd pov

“Storebror, why isn’t anyone telling me about the ‘capital’?” (Name) was still standing by the doorway, but her face showed that she was completely confused.

“Lukas! Do something! (Name) was just asked Mr.Puffin about it!!!” Emil was trying to hold the said bird still, but was struggling. Tino was complaining to Berwald on how (Name) was too young to have the talk, and Berwald was trying his best to comfort him.

Lukas just sighed at the situation and walked over to (Name) and picked her up. The (e/c) eye-colored girl giggled with joy and quickly wrapped her arms around her brother’s neck.

“I think it’s time you’ve slept, (Name).”

“Why? I just woke up.” Lukas had already made his way up the stair and into (Name)’s bedroom. The said girl was still complaining that she had already slept and really wanted to know what the answer was to her question, but her brother had already placed her on the bed, silencing all the protests that (Name) was about to say.

Making his way back to the door, Lukas was about to reach for the door knob. However, the rustle of fabric and a force keeping him in place prevented that.

“Can Big Brother stay with me?” Lukas let a smile creep onto his face, when he heard that simple question. Ever since Emil had grown up, he had missed the moments of having a younger sibling, but now he had (Name) to lighten up his days.

“Of course.” Catching (Name) in his arms again, he climbed into the bed and snuggled with (Name), both not having a single care in the world. Being together was just enough for them and with that, they had both dozed off into a deep slumber.

“Treasure the moments in life as long as possible, because one day, there won’t be another chance like it.”

We can’t forget about Denny and the Others Can We~

“Lukas!.....Berwald! Emil! Tino! Anyone!........” In the backyard, Mathias was still lying on the ground, too afraid to move with the sharp mace nestled on his stomach.

In the house, the other Nordics had heard his pleas, but Berwald and Emil simply ignored it as punishment for being too careless about what he was saying.

“Guys! Mathias might freeze out there!” Tino was the only one worrying for the other’s well being, but the other two didn’t seem to care much.

“I don’t care.”


:iconsweatdropplz: What in the world did I just write.........Anyways, I hope you liked it~ I kinda had to rush on it......soooooo the ending might have sucked........I may edit it if people thinks it needs a little fixing. Sorry if it kinda wasn't as good as my usual fanfics....

I don't own anything but the story
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Believingtofly Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel like this was something my family did with me when i was younger XDDDD 

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And yes, I liked the story!
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mr puffin is evil
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Seriously... What did he mean by "Big Capital"?
Heavania Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Well~ Considering that it's Denmark would be...*coughs nervously* the vital regions of a male.....
O-other than that, I don't know how else to word it without sounding weird >////<
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Oh OK :D
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