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March 22, 2013
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Norway x Reader

warning: human names are used and also.

Always Be My Prince? (happy ending)

Years had already passed since Lukas and (Name) took their full responsibilities as countries and had parted ways. Ever since then, they rarely had time to see each other, even though they were the best of allies. On a few occasions, they would spot each other at meetings, but were always separated by their wall of friends. Lukas had begun to find it normal for (Name) to not be by his side, but at times, he found it quite lonely.

Today was just a regular boring day in the Nordic household for Lukas. Everyone chatting at the table (except for himself and Berwald), Mathias drinking beer, Mathias getting drunk, Lukas having to choke the sense into the ‘King’ and everyone else freaking out.

Lukas was just down with his choking session on Mathias when he heard a soft yet loud knock on the door. As he walked to the door, he was more than surprised to see (Name) standing in front of him with a radiant smile on her face.

“Surprise, Lukas~!” The said man was then hugged by his childhood friend with such strength, that he almost believed he would have died on the spot.

“(N-name). C-can’t breath” said Lukas, still monotone but with slight strain in his voice. The (h/c) haired woman instantly let go of her dear friend with a squeak and began apologizing for the sudden hug.

As (Name) apologized with a blushing, flustered face, she never saw the smile on Lukas’s face and the glimmer in his eyes as he gazed fondly at her. Lukas had never been happier than he had been right then and now, for his best friend had came to rescue him from his monotone world.

Lukas laughed silently at how much it sounded as if (Name) was the prince and he was the princess, but he would never say that.

“...Lukas...? Did I just hear you laugh?!”


~Time Skip~

(Name)’s sudden appearance had everyone go into a frenzy of hugs and friendly chats in the Nordic house. However, (Name) wasn’t here just to visit. She had a certain mission to accomplish. A mission that was, ‘Make Lukas Smile.’ The (e/c) still wanted to see her best friend smile at least once, and she was determined that she would do it.

“(Name), I would like to speak to you for a bit,” an emotionless voice that, almost out of the blue, made the said woman jump in her seat. She instantly jumped to turn and see Lukas towering over her.

“O-oh, ok...” (Name) walked out hand in hand with Lukas to the back door, all the while cat calls coming from the Dane, but the two ignored it. They were already too absorbed in the blossoming warmth from their entwined hands. Walking out to the garden, (Name) couldn’t help notice that it looked similar to a certain place in her childhood.

“(Name), do you remember this?” Lukas looked directly at the woman, who was staring in awe at the scene in front of her.

“L-lukas...H-how did you...” The same exact tree and meadow from all those years ago was still here. The trees were now great and towering, as if they were castles themselves. The grassy meadow waved from a slight breeze, making the blades of grass shimmer from the moonlight. It was the exact same meadow that they had played in as young countries.

“I kept this place just for you, it has many memories of our happy past.” (Name) looked at the blonde man before hugging him tightly.

“Thank you so much, Lukas.” Lukas stood stiffly for a while, before slowly raising his arms and wrapping them around (Name)’s waist. He rested his chin on top of (Name)’s shoulder, nuzzling lightly into the woman’s hair, a small smile playing on his lips.

“...(Name), why don’t we play ‘Save the Princess’?” The (h/c) woman looked up at Lukas in confusion, but nodded, knowing that there was a reason to why her friend wanted to childish as it sounds though.

It was the same as before, they were running around the grassy meadows, forgetting everything about the present and acted as children. But like all games, it was coming to an end.

“Well then my prince,” (Name) giggled slightly as she took hold of Lukas’s hands, “as my repayment, I shall give you a kiss.” Leaning in, (Name)’s lips gently pressed onto Lukas’s, love evident in it.

Lukas was frozen from the sudden contact, but moved his hands around (Name)’s head and deepened it more. As they passionately kissed under the moonlight, they couldn’t help but feel as if they were in their own fairytale. Breaking away from the kiss for a breath of air, they leaned their foreheads together, gazing at one another’s eyes with love and smiling at each other. It was then that (Name) saw the smile that she had always wanted to see.

“Lukas...You’re smiling,” she said as she moved her hand up to his face, placing it on his cheek.

“Ja,” he said as he leaned his face towards her hand and placing his own over it, “I’ve always smiled when you’re around.” (Name) blushed bright red at his statement and hid her face by burying her face into his folds of clothes. They stood there in comfortable silence, but (Name) broke it by leaning back and gazing into Lukas’s midnight blue eyes, and saying.

“I love you, Lukas, and I’ll always will.”

Lukas just smiled wider and leaned in to steal another kiss, before saying, “I’ll always love you, my princess, as long as you love me back.”


Maybe fairytales do happen in our lives...

~Extended Ending~

(Name) and Lukas were cuddling next to each other sleeping at the trunk of the tree without a care in the world....Until Mathias came in that is....

“This is so cute! I needa take a picture of this~. Ah here it is~ !*flash*”

The bright light from the camera startled the two lovebirds up, but Lukas was the first one to come out of his grogginess and notice the culprit that interrupted their peaceful moment. Slowly moving away from (Name) to not disturb her more, Lukas then made a sudden lunge at the Dane and began choking the man like never before.

“G-gah! Luk-Agh! I-it was just a-ACK!” Lukas tightened his grip more than before, causing the idiot to spew more pointless excuses. How (Name) never woke up from the choking is a mystery, but still, moments in life like these were worth it.

Sorry if it's bad...I was kinda in a rush....:iconsweatdropplz:
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